24-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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24-07-2018 Dax

We are bullish above '384 and are waiting for '775 to be taken out to confirm a new 'higher low' at 466.We can update the forks by using the 466 low as a speculative 'C' point. Notice how we've already tagged the ML?The new fork in the chart below is interesting because we can see a nice A-line and price 'peeled away' from the LMLH.   24-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis Video  Please find more analysis on the Forum.  MEMBERS LOGIN Not a member? Find out more about membership by clicking this link The DAX remains bullish above 12384 in the longer term, however there is a bearish engulfing candle on the hourly providing a BBRSI setup from the strategy. Ensure […]

13-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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13-07-2018 Dax Analysis

Our 13-07-2018 DAX Analysis Bias: Bearish below 12,637 We were recently trading within a bullish reaction wave, until breaking the 12,421 level. Yesterday we discussed a few levels to watch with possible short entries, this morning we see a run towards that upper median line parallel level. See the article/video from yesterday for more details. Click here for the details. 13-07-2018 Dax Analysis – 10m Chart The reaction this morning around the 12,580 high was no coincidence. The price ran into a median line, which is often a stop and reverse area. These tools are very simple, but incredibly effective when you understand their mechanics. 13-07-2018 Dax Analysis – Levels Yesterday the DAX finished up +0.72% after reaching a low […]

12-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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12-07-2018 Dax

12-07-2018 Dax Bias: Bearish below 12637 We have been in a bullish reaction wave for some time. The trend defining level for that Bullish reaction wave was 12421 which was pierced yesterday. We are currently trading inside the major fork visible on the 60m chart below. Notice how we were heading towards the lower median line parallel but missed it and have now started a corrective bounce.  If we were to consider a spot to short, then we expect to find resistance from the bottom of the gap from the other day, or the underside of the fork median line.  In order to see a complete reversal and watch a new bearish trend form, we need to take out the […]

11-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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11-07-2018 Dax

The Trump administration has released a wide-ranging list of Chinese goods it proposes to be hit with tariffs, including hundreds of food products as well as tobacco, coal, chemicals and tyres, dog and cat food, and consumer electronics including television components. Donald Trump has said he might ultimately impose tariffs on more than $500bn worth of Chinese goods – roughly the total amount of US imports from China last year. There are currently no signs of talks between the two sides. The US chamber of commerce, which has supported Trump’s tax cuts and efforts to reduce regulation of businesses, also criticised the administration’s move. “Tariffs are taxes, plain and simple. Imposing taxes on another $200bn worth of products will raise the […]

10-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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10-07-2018 Dax

10-07-2018 Dax 60m Chart We are still in a Bullish reaction leg as the series of higher highs and higher lows is still intact. There is a compression ‘wedge’ pattern forming and there will likely be a break out soon. A break to the downside of the wedge will not necessarily mean a reversal unless 12422 is broken.  The current target for this time frame is the fork Median Line  10-07-2018 Dax 15m Chart Looking at this Bullish Reaction leg in more detail, we can use this minor median line set (fork) and notice that we missed the Median Line. We found the quartile (the 50 line) twice and we also tested the upper median line parallel a number of […]

09-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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09-07-2018 Dax

Investors are likely to follow the trade dispute between the US and China with eagle eyes this week. They also look to London because the minister responsible for the Brexit negotiations, David Davis, surprisingly made his job available at the weekend. Chaos is expected to ensue. Strong US labor market numbers had the Dax on Friday raised to the plus. The German stock market barometer was 0.3 percent higher at 12,496 points in the weekend. Wall Street closed positive on Friday, with Asian markets also picking up on Monday. In the afternoon, ECB President Mario Draghi’s speech should take center stage before the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs of the European Parliament.  09-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis Video Remember to subscribe to the […]

04-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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04-07-2018 Dax

The Dax remains Bearish below 12440. The feared breakup of the CDU / CSU Union has been averted thanks to the compromise in the asylum dispute. It is independence day today so we expect slow conditions for trading. England win a penalty shootout for the first time in a long long time. NO WEBINAR TODAY – QUIET DAY EXPECTED The leaders of the CDU and CSU, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, have resolved their bitter asylum dispute and averted a break-up of the Union for the time being. The sister parties now want to set up transit centres for refugees already registered in other EU countries at the German-Austrian border. We are pretty light on news today, the Markit Services PMI numbers […]

03-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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03-07-2018 Dax

The German stock market was barely affected by political issues at the start of the week. After opening up with an 85 point gap lower, the DAX30 closes the gap and ends the recovery 96 points higher. Are we heading for a trend change? Independance Day Tomorrow We are wondering whether many market participants will stay away from the market in the face of the US holiday tomorrow. The trade dispute is still the main looming threat to the market at the moment. The German Political Crisis  The asylum dispute in Germany and further escalating global trade conflicts have little impact on the German leading index on Monday. We are seeing a recovery due to hopes of an end to the dispute […]

02-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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02-07-2018 Dax

The DAX celebrated its 30th Birthday yesterday, but investors are not celebrating today. The trade conflict and German political crisis continue to cast shadows over the market. Perhaps we will see a hectic week to welcome the new week, month, quarter and half year. The German Crisis The government crisis in Germany continues. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) offers his resignation in the smoldering refugee dispute on Sunday evening. Today the peak meeting between CDU and CSU needs to bring an agreement. If there is no breakthrough here, then a breakup of the governing coalition is possible.  Investors should look at how the asylum dispute continues. The compromise reached at the EU summit on Friday initially provided relief on the […]