Forex Signals Summary

We sent out 32 forex signals (including a gold signal) to our telegram channel last week, which averages out at over six signals per day. In fact, we actually sent out 35 signals, but three of the signals did not quite fill at the price we were looking for.

Total performance so far for 2019 is a positive gain of +155.98% which is excellent. Since the beginning of October we have achieved growth of +16.59% to the account 14.06% in just the last week alone.

week 41 forex signal performance


Performance Breakdown for the Forex Signals

Take Profit 8
Stop Loss 4
Breakeven 11
Friday Close 9
Total 32


Remember the general rules for trading these forex signals:

Risk a maximum of 1% on a trade. After the trade gets into profit by 30 pips, close 1/3 of the trade and move the remaining amount to breakeven, booking some profit. Remember to use lower risk on the more volatile pairs such as GBPAUD, GBPNZD, GBPJPY, GBPCAD & CADJPY

EURGBP Forex Signal Analysis

Market: EURGBP
Trade type: SHORT
Entry: 0.8839
SL: 0.8899
TP: 0.87
Result: Target hit
Pips earned: 139
Account gain: 1.85%

GBPUSD Forex Signal Analysis

Market: GBPUSD
Trade type: LONG
Entry: 1.2453
SL: 1.2395
TP: 1.259
Result: tp
Pips earned: 137
Account gain: 1.89%

GBPUSD forex signal analysis

EURJPY Forex Signal Analysis

Market: EURJPY
Trade type: LONG
Entry: 117.8
SL: 117.2
TP: 119.1
Result: tp
Pips earned: 130
Account gain: 1.73%