Five trades yesterday for me including one full target, one stop loss, two break-even trades and a small loser. Overall, we added to the account which is always nice to record. Today we’ve already had five trades and it’s a strong day. So i’m pretty much done already.

These are the trades from yesterday which I sent out as signals.

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27-03-2019 Dax Technical Analysis Video

Dax Daily Technical Analysis

On the daily chart, the bounce continues from that downsloper, but 640 remains the most obvious level to watch as far as deciding the trend-defining level.

Dax Hourly Technical Analysis

There is perhaps a compression pattern forming here, it’s not the strongest pattern I have ever seen, but the physics analogy still stands; when you press on a spring, you create potential energy (compression) which turns into kinetic energy (movement) and it shoots away from its position. The same is true in financial markets.

The Profiles

We can see a minor bullish trend forming, it’s not very aggressive, but the mechanics are visible (higher highs and higher lows). Overall, the minor bullish price action is still below the 640 trend-defining level. Notice how we have tagged the exposed POC from Friday this morning

Point of Control :  11437
Value Area High :  11457
Value Area Low :  11385
VWAP :  11406
R2 :  11560
S2 :  11264
Pivot :  11412
High :  11653.0
Low :  11560.0


POC :  11430.5
VAH :  11453.5
VAL :  11381.5
VWAP :  11402.4
R2 :  11553.2
S2 :  11256.5
Pivot :  11404.8
High : 11655.9
Low : 11562.8